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Fall Summer Day


learn, fall in love with & leverage a

A 3-MONTH science-driven group program in which you’ll

series of life-changing mini-mindset makeovers, tools

and powerful Positive Psychology fundamentals

For women who are craving more positivity in their lives and want to find more

clarity, focus & energy for the things that matter most, including themselves.

Learn to live well & be happy.

What does “life-changing” mean?

For some, it means feeling more at peace amid the

whirlwind, drama & difficulties of everyday life.
For others, it could mean having more energy & excitement to take on each

moment of opportunity.
And for many of us, it’s all of the above


simply having more reasons to smile each day.

(Who couldn’t use a little bit of that right now?)


Six LIVE virtual collective learning and coaching workshops where you will learn and apply the THRIVE Framework, informed and inspired by the science of positive psychology

Online Discussion


Practical exercises and activities that harness the power of positive psychology


Adult Students


Simple but powerful approaches to make shifts to your thoughts, feelings and actions that will bring about positive changes to your health, happiness and wellbeing



Connection with a community of like-minded women, craving a new approach to truly living well

Online meeting.jpg

​Lessons led by Rebecca Byers, a health & wellbeing educator and coach
trained in Positive Psychology 


Inspirational discussions


Small group learning & coaching


Evidence-based concepts and strategies that'll have you on your way to LIVING A LIFE YOU WANT

Stressed Woman

Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel drained at the end of the day

  • You struggle to muster up the energy for the things you want to do

  • You become buried by your never-ending to-do list 

  • You crave more time for yourself

  • You need to make changes to your life but feel stuck...just can’t seem to get started

  • You want to get clear on who you are and what’s important to you

  • You feel held back by negative thoughts, doubts and worries

  • You get challenged navigating the endless stream of advice and self-help info out there

  • You crave more connection with women who get where you’re at

 Young Woman Contemplating

I can relate. Here's why....

A number of years ago, I was feeling like I had my sh*t together and was rocking life. 

I was managing my job, settling into married life, looking after the house and all the other typical adult responsibilities, while making time for personal interests, volunteer work, family, friends and taking care of myself.

Then kids came.

And a whole new level of responsibilities, stress and challenges were added to the mix.

After dividing my time to keep on top of the needs of my kids, home, work, family and community, there wasn’t much of anything left for me. Or for the things I used to love and look forward to. 

In fact, I wasn’t sure I could even remember what those things were anymore.

I didn’t recognize who I had become. 

Many of my friends were experiencing the same challenges so finding time to connect and support another was difficult and rare. I felt alone. I was struggling, lost, drained and unhappy. 

And on top of it all, I felt guilt and shame for feeling this way when I had so much in life to be thankful for.


I wondered: What was wrong with me?

I searched for answers – I read, watched and listened to countless opinions and approaches to find a way to keep all the balls in the air AND do things that fill, fuel and nourish me. It took me a long time to find my way through this. There were many attempts. And lots of failures. Some steps forward, often followed by many stumbles backward.

But then, I discovered and began training in the science of Positive Psychology. And I felt a shift. Then another. I started to find my way back to myself and it was like coming home. 

I rediscovered the things that matter to me and found time and energy to embrace them. 

I was able to hone in on key practices that consistently worked to make me happier and more energized. 

For the first time in a long time, life felt more in control and fulfilling again. 

No one should ever have to go through the whirlwind, drama or ordeals of life without these fundamental tools. Just getting through and surviving the day is no longer enough. Not for me and not for you, either.  

That’s why I’ve created the THRIVE Framework. So that every woman (mothers, daughters, sisters, best friends, grandmothers, professionals, retirees and everyone in between) can use it to create space for true joy and fulfillment in their lives again. 


~ Rebecca

Imagine what life would be like if you could...

Gain clarity on who you are and where you want to be 
Master your mind chatter to enable the change you want to see
Paint a fresh picture of your ideal life and create an actionable plan to get you there
Embrace scientifically proven techniques for getting more out of days, your energy and your time
Truly feel the immense health benefits of optimizing your essential practices of wellbeing 
Find new ways of dealing with the difficulties of everyday life in a complicated, challenging world
Discover abundant opportunities for moments of joy

Get ready for three months of insight, inspiration & aha moments!

What you get...

  • Six LIVE small group workshops hosted on Zoom by a health & wellbeing educator and coach with certification in Positive Psychology  Value: $360

  • Three months of group coaching full of self-discovery, motivation, action & results  Value: $300



  • Evidence-based concepts & strategies that will allow you to take on life with a fresh mindset, better habits and a more positive outlook on life 

  • Practical activities & applications that harness the power of positive psychology

  • Inspirational discussions & take-home exercises 

  • Hours of step-by-step, expert instruction & collective learning 

  • Dozens of worksheets, resources, templates & tools to guide you on what to do 

  • Support in creating a practical & actionable plan that will get you where you want to be 

  • Regular email check-ins & support to answer questions and keep you on track

  • A supportive community of women cheering you on ☺ 
    Value: Priceless!


Regular Rate $399*


Early Bird Rate $259* (SAVE 35%)

You’ll get $140 off
just to make it even easier to create a life you love!



Thrive with Friends Rate $199*

For those who do THRIVE4Life with one or more friends (see FAQs below for details)


*All prices are subject to HST


Join the wait list for the next session.

​Commit to THRIVING this year!

Program Feedback

Helen H.

“Rebecca is a great support and conveys her wisdom in all areas of her framework, providing a volume of additional resources that you can delve into between sessions. I highly recommend this course for everyone.


Nora K.

"Fantastic framework and excellent short investment in personal development!

A fabulous reboot!"

Tanja G.

"I would recommend it to anyone looking for more joy and fulfillment in life. The material was science-based, practical, and well-organized. I liked the additional resources and videos sent between the sessions. I know THRIVE4Life will help me form the lasting habits I need to reach my personal goals."

Helen H.


“It was good time to slow down and reflect... You reminded me I mattered and was important. The (exercises) and reminders to care about myself were just what I needed. ... Good check-ins during the week - helpful to stay on track. Made me accountable.


100% of participants found the THRIVE Framework a 'very' or 'extremely' useful structure to guide personal development.

"The activities and exercises were very useful and have not only helped me put an actionable plan together for my goals but have also given me strategies for dealing with setbacks to meeting them!"

“It was a good 75mins to slow down and reflect... You reminded me I mattered and was important. The (exercises) and reminders to care about myself were just what I needed. ... Good check-ins during the week - helpful to stay on track. Made me accountable.


“I have all the tools I now need to move forward.”

“I feel THRIVE2021 helped and I enjoyed learning… The homework activities were interesting. The facilitator helpful and encouraging. …

I felt motivated and supported.


Brigitte Z.

"Rebecca was cheering
us all on
weekly! Acknowledging each of our wins :) It felt very supportive and motivating! I also appreciated that there was an offer to reach out at any time for extra support."

"The program was highly enlightening, informative and practical."

"THRIVE4Life is a great program. I learned how to establish better habits and set achievable goals. I have all the tools I now need to move forward. Thanks Rebecca for setting me on the right track."


Are there savings if I sign up with friends?
Huge savings! Two or more friends can enrol together for just $199 +HST per person (saving $200 each!). THRIVE4Life offers a community of women who can relate to what you’re going through. But how incredible would it be to take that to an entirely new level by doing the program with friends as well? THRIVE with Friends! Contact Rebecca at for this special group rate.

I would like to participate in the program with only people I know. Is this possible?
Sure thing! Contact Rebecca at to discuss arrangements and pricing for a private group program.


Money is tight right now. Is this going to be worth it?

I know you want to make wise spending decisions and get good value for your money. I’m with you on that. I have looked at other programs out there – some are recorded, others don’t offer the community of a small group, and many are without scientific basis. I have priced THRIVE4Life based on the live, small group format, the evidence-based foundation, the practical and actionable approaches, and all the extra goodies that come with the program. I’m confident that you won’t be disappointed.


When does the group meet?

Workshop classes will be meet bi-weekly at regular time for 3 months. The sessions will run live for 75-90 minutes every other week with a bit of homework in between and virtual coaching support when you need it.

What happens after I sign up?
A welcome email will outline program details more completely and include a quick start guide that gives you what you need to get started with THRIVE4Life.

What will happen at the weekly collective learning and workshop sessions?
Each workshop session will include instruction and discussion of concepts, interactive exercises and action planning, as well as support and connection. 


How much time will I need?
The more you put in, the more you’ll get out, but to get the most from the program, you will ideally need:

  • 75-90 minutes of distraction-free time to fully participate in each of the virtual group workshops.

  • Up to another hour or so between each workshop session to think about and work through materials and exercises that apply the THRIVE framework to your life

  • Desire and commitment to make lasting change in your life

  • An open mind to imagine the possibilities!


What technology and materials will I need?

The biweekly workshops are held online on Zoom so you’ll need access to a laptop, tablet or smartphone to join and a notebook/paper and pen to capture your thoughts, ideas and aha moments. You may opt to print the materials provided or view and complete online.  

What type of homework is there?

Between each session, there will be some follow-up work to help you integrate learnings and apply strategies to your life. This includes things like reflective questions, journalling, assessments, templates, reading and/or trying out new practices.

Will I have to share personal things with the group?

Not at all. There will be opportunity to share and support one another but everyone can choose what they’re comfortable sharing.


Still have questions? Please reach out to me at


I can’t wait to meet you! ☺

Want 36 New Ways to Thrive (Free)?

Life's too short to be unhappy. Check out this go-to list of science-based happiness practices to make today and every day one to smile about. :)

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