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How I Help You THRIVE!

Programs, Groups, Events, Coaching & Resources to help you Live Well & Be Happy

Thrive's services inform, inspire and empower women to achieve happiness and fulfillment by providing clear and practical science-based strategies & solutions that support

reflection, self-discovery, action and personal growth.

Evidence-based, actionable information, tools & resources

Programs & groups that connect, inspire & support action and success

Individual & group coaching to empower you in maximizing your potential

Engaging events that bring people together for learning, connection & self-care

​All services are conducted virtually at this time.



A 3-month group experience based in Positive Psychology
to help women have more clarity, focus & energy for
the things that matter most.


Groups & Programs

that connect, support
and empower
action & success

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personalized support to help you get unstuck and move toward where you want to be


for learning,
& growth

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Circular Library


strategies & tools
for personal development

"Excellent short investment in personal development!

A fabulous reboot!"

Tanja G.

"Rebecca is a great support and conveys her wisdom in all areas of her framework, providing a volume of additional resources that you can delve into between sessions. I highly recommend this course for everyone.

Nora K.

"I would recommend THRIVE4Life to anyone looking for more joy and fulfillment in life. ... I know it will help me form the lasting habits I need to reach my personal goals."

Helen H.

Reset your Routines for Happiness!
What we do day in, day out creates our life experience. Make yours Happier.

"Inspirational, informative...
soooo helpful! Will recommend to others too!"

Brenda, webinar participant

Having the opportunity to come together and share, I will always be grateful for this opportunity!
Having a place where one feels safe and heard is paramount for our thriving and growth.

Lisa H.

Love these tips!
Thanks very much. Looking forward to trying them out.

Kim, presentation attendee

Want 36 New Ways to Thrive (Free)?

Life's too short to be unhappy. Check out this go-to list of science-based happiness practices to make today and every day one to smile about. :)

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